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《2014 employment with the Department of Labor Workforce Development Agency Venture Advisor》
《2013 Finalist Ministry of Economic Affairs elite women's entrepreneurship contest - Elite Group》
《2012 Ministry of Economic Affairs Highlights Business Awards》
《Strategic knowledge services group - Silver》
《2010 model micro entrepreneurship award》
Organic Arabica coffee beans using Alpine (Arabica) coffee beans fine, good coffee machine needs to have a good baked beans, baked beans in most of baked beans imported from Germany GIESEN machine, GIESEN baked beans, metal casting machine for the rare minerals, boiler smoldering principle, each a delicate roasted coffee beans.
   Guests can grab coffee at the same time help you to the health care of our every cup of coffee after drinking can smell the bottom of the cup, thick caramel aroma, this is our guarantee of freshness and quality.
Busy life, whether the lack of a physical and mental relaxation smell?, Or a leisurely afternoon, I do not know how to spend? Order to allow more people to enjoy our fine service, restaurant outlets to expand the business, more comfortable and spacious environment, beautiful under the relaxed atmosphere to enjoy your coffee.

We look forward to sharing coffee elegant and charming romantic atmosphere and enthusiasts who specializing in a variety of coffee materials, appliances and related peripheral brewing supplies, provide you with a wide selection of gourmet coffee brewing, trading and leasing addition, there are coffee machines .

The goods have quality coffee species, diverse models of imported coffee, meet a variety of needs. You can easily make at home, DIY, or use in commercial operation is quite appropriate, so that you can enjoy top-level professional fragrant good coffee.

We welcome your visit to taste or buy!
You can also via telephone or e-mail contact with us, we will contact you as soon as possible, and to provide service to your satisfaction.
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