There are "commercial beans" and "fine beans" on the market.

What is the commercial beans it?
Altitudes below 1000 harvest machine (coffee beans cooked with them altogether unfamiliar or rotten beans harvested)

What is the fine beans?
Altitude of 1200 above the mountains, hand harvesting (full color beautiful sweetness. Particle size medium)


《Coffee Roasters 1》

The Company roasted coffee beans, roasted using a closed room, the space bright, transparent glass partition, with the average open spaces baked biggest difference is that ...

1.Baked beans process does not have dust, insects and airborne unknown gas mixed in the air affect the health and smell the coffee.

2.Roasted coffee beans when finished lower temperatures up to 200 degrees up and down, roasted coffee beans itself a case of heat, will open the pores, coffee oils, aroma will run out, you want to keep the aroma of coffee beans and oil going in, in addition to machine away the hot baked beans, but also have time to cool quickly under cold beans, the beans will be closed off pores, the aroma of coffee beans and oil together until completely retained, otherwise the oil will be roasted beans , put a long time to get rid of the taste will produce fuel, it will taste a lot worse. The company is airconditioning cooling roasted coffee!


《Coffee Roasters 2》

First pour coffee beans...

The company used the baked beans machines, produced from the world-famous double-B ~ German car producer.

Germany is the world's leading industrial powers cast iron mold, high precision machinery,GIESENbaked beans machine is the Rolls Royce.
General baked beans machine heating source of electric and gas two heating methods, electric heating shortcomings uneven heating boiler, the flavor of roasted coffee beans out somewhat less, the advantage does not produce carbon dioxide, it can be baked in closed spaces. Gas heating boiler heat evenly advantages, disadvantages should not be baked in closed spaces, in order to avoid carbon dioxide poisoning.
The company uses GIESEN machine is gas heating baked beans, baked beans may be in a confined space, there will be no carbon dioxide.